The UnWaste Revolving bookcase
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11 dreamy bookshelves

Designed by Bild in Australia, the UnWaste bookcase has separate revolving panels to allow for airflow, light and seriously cool secret room access. (TM Photo)
Flair bookcase ($700) from Blueprint. With the way the strips of metal will criss-cross your books, it’s the perfect place to shelve “50 Shades of Grey.” (Blueprint Furniture)
Created by Sweden’s Stringfurniture, the shelf is actually built from solid materials (here, walnut) with clear Lucite doors. (Stringfurniture)
If you happen to be in Europe or Hong Kong, you have access to shops that sell the Bibliochaise, a bookshelf in the shape of a chair, or maybe that’s a chair in the shape of a bookshelf. Of course, its ottoman is a bookshelf, too. (Nobody&co.)
Several of these hanging together would be bright and artful. But at $600 each, I’d count myself lucky to get just one. (Casamania)
This built-in skylight bookshelf was designed by Travis Price architects for Wade Davis, National Geographic’s explorer in residence. (Travis Price Architects)
A public bookcase in Berlin, called the Book Forest, was made from the trunks of trees.  (BAUFACHFRAU Berlin e.V.)
The Infinity Bookcase was designed by conceptual artist Job Koelewijn in 2005. Someone, please put this in production. (Job Koelewijn)
The search for the perfect bookshelf can drive you to drink. The Modular Winebottle Shelf from Fishtnk Design Factory ($1,300), can help. (Fishtnk Design Factory)
A handcrafted floating corner bookshelf by BDJ Craftworks in Austin, Texas. (BDJ Craftworks)
It’s a bookshelf. It’s a secret door. It comes in standard and custom sizes. And it’s a secret door that’s a bookshelf! (Woodfold Mfg. Inc.)