Author of Bigfoot erotica wins Virginia congressional race

Denver Riggleman celebrates his election victory with supporters on Nov. 6.
(Lee Luther Jr. / Associated Press)

Republican Denver Riggleman, author of the book “The Mating Habits of Bigfoot and Why Women Want Him” was elected to the House of Representatives on Tuesday night.

Riggleman won in Virginia’s 5th Congressional District, defeating Democrat Leslie Cockburn. Riggleman received 53% of the vote to Cockburn’s 47%.

Riggleman’s book became an issue in the campaign when Cockburn accused him of being a “devotee of Bigfoot erotica.”


Her accusation appears to have stemmed from a Facebook author page, since deleted, for a self-published book by Riggleman.

Riggleman said the book was the product of a running joke between himself and his friends. He told the Washington Post the book was an “anthropological book sort of based on parody and satire.”

“I thought it was funny,” Riggleman said. “There is no way that anybody’s dumb enough to think this is real.”

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The story delighted the internet, with many readers learning about the Bigfoot erotica literary genre for the first time. Amazon lists several titles dealing with sexy Sasquatches, including “Bigfoot and the Bridesmaid: Sex with Bigfoot, Book 1,” “Fabulous Beasts and the Women They Grind On” and “Seduced by Bigfoot and Ravaged by the Yeti: The Secret Adventures of a Fertile Housewife.”

Chuck Tingle, a prolific erotica satire author, responded to the controversy by releasing a book called “Don’t Vote For Virginia Congressional Hopeful Denber Wiggleman Because He Is Full Of Hate, Not Because Bigfoot Makes Him Hard.”

Cockburn, a journalist and the mother of actress Olivia Wilde, is herself an author. Her books, none of which feature Bigfoot erotica, include “One Point Safe, the True Story of Russian Nuclear Security” and “Looking for Trouble: One Woman, Six Wars and a Revolution.”