Claery & Green, LLP: Expertise in Advocacy


Celebrating nearly a decade of service at Claery & Green, LLP, founding partner Lance Claery has maintained one of Southern California’s foremost family law firms by carefully selecting a group of experienced and dedicated legal professionals. With its broad collective expertise, this team of advocates is able to offer knowledgeable counsel in the full range of divorce and family law issues, including complex matters such as move-away and child support cases.

“When clients come to us, they’re going through a rough period in their life, and we want them to feel like they have someone on their side during this stressful time,” Claery says. “The benefit of having a team is that not only do we have the resources to handle their matters, but we can also ensure that they feel comfortable and informed throughout the process.”

Cleary has been handling family law matters for more than a decade. Focused in the field throughout his career, Cleary first became interested in family law while completing his undergraduate degree in family studies at the University of Maryland. As part of the school’s internship program, he volunteered for the Hope Housing project, which helps families in the poorest sections of Washington, D.C. “Working with families in these low-income areas, I saw that what they really needed was help with their legal issues, and that’s what turned me on to the law,” he notes.


Partner Eli Hammond is a Certified Family Law Specialist (CFLS) who has nearly a decade of extensive family law experience. He has handled a multitude of family law cases from complex (jurisdictional and financial) to emotionally charged (custody and domestic violence) issues with the strength and dedication a family lawyer needs to fight for his clients. Adamant that clients of Claery & Green, LLP receive optimal results, Eli is aggressive and at the same time fair. “I take an aggressive approach for our clients, thereby improving their bargaining position both in settlement negotiation and/or litigation.” Hammond says. “This philosophy has helped me become a zealous advocate for my clients when they are truly in need of legal assistance.”

Given their broad expertise, this legal team represents people across the economic spectrum, from multimillionaires to clients of more modest means. Claery notes that having this varied client base allows them to empathize with each client’s circumstances. “For family law attorneys, being able to communicate with clients is essential to being successful in their cases,” he explains, “and we can always relate to where our clients are coming from.”

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