In a stressful 2020 holiday season, kombucha gives back to your body

Root-based ingredients make SYNERGY kombucha nutrient-rich and delicious.
(Courtesy of GT’s Living Foods)

2020 is (finally) drawing to a close. In this year unlike any other, one positive is that we’ve been given a reason to pay closer attention to our well-being. We can also use the extra time to rethink what we put into our bodies to incorporate healthier eating and drinking. As we approach the holidays, we may attempt much-needed self-care by stuffing ourselves. Fortunately, there’s an easy way to keep health on the table — kombucha.

This popular beverage, a refreshing variety of tea with ancient origins, probably sounds familiar to most Southern Californians. Less is known, however, about how many delicious varieties exist and how drinking it, coupled with a good diet and regular exercise, offers myriad health benefits given its probiotic nature.

Kombucha contains bacteria that introduces living cultures into the body to aid digestion and gut health. Adding these probiotics to your diet helps break down other foods more completely, producing better overall health. Its antioxidants may also help decrease inflammation.

Given Los Angeles’ status as a nutrition-minded eating hub, it should be no surprise that one of the biggest producers of kombucha exists right here in the city. GT’s Living Foods, founded by GT Dave in his kitchen over 25 years ago, blossomed into the leading producer of kombucha in the world, along with other fermented food offerings.

“Our philosophy is rooted in Mother Nature,” said GT. “We believe she is the world’s greatest healer. Through raw kombucha and other living and fermented foods we have changed the way people think and feel about health and wellness.”

GT’s passion for kombucha stemmed from his longtime interest in Eastern culture, where this traditional fermented tea drink has been brewed for countless generations — since 221 B.C.! He’s remained true to the traditional craft, starting with a pungent, effervescent kombucha and adding all-natural ingredients and organic fresh-pressed juices to please any palate.

GT’s Living Foods maintains a company philosophy that eating whole, living, unprocessed food grounds people, a welcomed feeling in our chaotic world. The company’s world-famous and most popular kombucha brand, SYNERGY, is commercially available and is still crafted authentically, fermented for 30 days with raw ingredients, and never pasteurized, just as its authentic recipe calls for. The company also brews its kombucha in small batches without additives or preservatives, just as it has since its humble beginnings. “We remain a family-owned and operated company so , we are able to stay true to our purpose and not cut corners or compromise for profit,” said GT.

The effort does not go unnoticed by drinkers. “The most common feedback we receive from our fans is how our kombucha has changed their lives for the better,” said GT.

“They’ve also shared with us that it has awakened them to the importance of clean, nutritious food.”

Three flavors from the SYNERGY line: Heart Beet, Tantric Turmeric, great for reducing inflammation, and Gingerade (the No. 1 best-seller) garner special attention given their root-based ingredients. Roots, packed with nutrients and soluble fiber, provide a perfect path towards nutrition, even during an indulgent holiday season. Coupled with kombucha’s good gut bacteria, these root-based SYNERGY drinks break down their ingredients completely, offering a huge helping of health. “Our root-centric flavors are some of our most popular flavors as they have fresh-pressed ingredients that help fight infection, improve circulation, and reduce inflammation,” said GT.

The new look and feel of the SYNERGY labels symbolize tree roots. Their unique design stands out in the beverage aisle, alerting busy shoppers to their benefits. Their all-natural, guilt-free components create a beverage consumers can feel good about, even when combined with a hearty holiday meal.

Improving health involves a multi-factor commitment. It all begins with what you put in your body. Choosing natural foods free of preservatives, additives and overprocessing fosters feelings of balance. The benefits of this lifestyle are innumerable, from better health and newfound energy to a deeper connection to the world around you. Take time out from your stressful holiday season to sip something delicious and natural, and reap the healthful rewards.

Every bottle of GT’s SYNERGY features an uplifting quote from their fans. Customers can even share their own words of excitement and possibly be featured on an upcoming bottle. “We will always spread a message that raw, unprocessed and nutritious foods ultimately create healthier, happier lives,” said GT.

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