3 Options to File Your Simple Tax Return for Free with TurboTax

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Tax season is in full swing and the April 18 deadline is only a few months away. Regardless of whether you are filing for the first time or not, many prefer to have the option to work with or get advice from a tax expert when filing their taxes. TurboTax, one of the most popular and reliable brands in the market, offers three free options for filing a simple tax return this year. You have the option to file yourself, file with an expert, or have a tax expert do your taxes for you. Everything is $0 if you have a simple tax return.

What is a Simple Tax Return?

A simple tax return uses Form 1040, which only files the simplest type of tax return. TurboTax’s simple tax return covers W-2 income, student loan interest deductions, earned income tax credit (EIC), limited interest and dividend income, standard deductions, and child tax credits.

TurboTax will outline the requirements for a simple tax return and walk you through the process step by step. If you are not qualified, you can still use other TurboTax programs to file tax returns based on your income and financial situation.

3 Ways to File a Simple Tax Return for Free with TurboTax

Although there are some companies that provide free tax filing services, TurboTax’s new “$0 Any Way” program promotes three options to file your simple tax return for free, including $0 for federal returns and state returns. You may choose to file with TurboTax Live Full Service Basic, TurboTax Live Basic, or TurboTax Free Edition.

TurboTax Live Full Service Basic

A dedicated tax expert will help you take care of the tedious task of tax preparation, saving you countless hours in the process. All you need to do is simply import your documents or upload your 1099s and/or W-2s, and the tax expert will take care of everything from there. You’ll be updated in real-time at each step along the way. Once your tax return is complete, you can review it with the tax expert and ask any questions you may have before submission. If you are interested in using TurboTax Live Full Service Basic, then you must file your simple tax return by March 31, 2022.

TurboTax Live Basic

In order to file a simple tax return with TurboTax Live Basic for free, you must file by March 31, 2022. TurboTax Live Basic offers unlimited tax expert advice via video conference or live chat while you are filing your tax on your own. When you complete this process, the tax expert will review it before you e-file your tax. Once you have signed up for this program, you will have full access to their network of thousands of English- or Spanish-speaking tax experts who can provide you with unlimited tax advice and support for one year.

TurboTax Free Edition

The TurboTax Free Edition is for any filer who has a simple tax return. There is no restriction on the filing date because it is free at all times. You can file your federal and state taxes for free. In order to save time and reduce errors, it provides the option to auto-populate your W-2 information by taking a picture or importing the document. Although you won’t be working with a dedicated tax expert, you can get assistance from the Tax Knowledge Engine, which is an artificial intelligence that can help you maximize your tax refund.

Why Should You Choose TurboTax for this Tax Season?

TurboTax has been an industry’s leader for over 30 years. TurboTax offers both online and downloadable versions of their software, which can be used to file your taxes. They offer many features that can save time while maximizing your tax refund. Their software is updated with the latest advancements in technology and tax laws. Users can rely on their network of tax experts to provide support through video or live chat.

In the past few years, TurboTax has made a commitment to improve its platform for Spanish-speaking U.S. users. TurboTax made its award-winning blog available in both English and Spanish in 2019, where audiences receive tax advice and product support to assist with their filing process. Users can find insightful content, such as videos and tools to help them save more money. They can also learn more about tax deductions, investments, tax guidelines for the self-employed, and other factors that may impact their overall finances. Last year, TurboTax offered additional resources for its Latino users who needed support for the Coronavirus and Stimulus Center, Unemployment Center, or Self-Employed Coronavirus Relief Center. For those who need live support, Spanish-speaking tax experts are available at all times to address any concerns or questions they may have.

TurboTax is backed by the following guarantee: a maximum refund guarantee or your money back, 100% accurate calculations, audit support, and a 100% accurate, expert-approved guarantee. If you have a simple return, be sure to visit Los Angeles Times for more information on the latest TurboTax discount or ‘$0 Any Way’ promotion where you file your simple tax return with a tax expert for free.