How to Throw an NFT Event: The Founders of Rent For Event Show Us the Ropes


If there is one thing that folks in marketing, advertising and promotion all understand, it’s the power of live events. However, without the proper technical elements – think lighting, sound and visual components – even the most glamorous events can fall flat. This is especially true of the newly popular NFT exhibitions, which seem to be cropping up everywhere.

Like any event, the planning stage for an NFT event tends to start with budgeting. Unfortunately, those who lead early budgetary conversations often lack a solid understanding of technical gear and costs. This can result in last-minute and sometimes gut-wrenching sacrifices. For example, a team may be forced to prioritize information displays (like projectors, plasma panels or video walls) at the expense of high-quality sound. Fast forward to “doors open” and these limitations may fail to provide the immersive, awe-inspiring environment that the NFT community expects. In such cases, event organizers might not have a second chance to win back their audience.

“All events, exhibitions, presentations and conferences need high-quality technical support: the right sound, lighting and visual effects. We help our clients by guaranteeing that wow factor through beautiful lighting, projectors and LED screens. For us, visitors need to fall in love with the event from the first moment – especially when we’re talking about the NFT crowd. Simply put, we help our clients impress,” explain the founders of Rent For Event.

Another common stumbling block can occur when event organizers try to save money by handling complex technical challenges themselves. While the intention is admirable, the results can be disastrous. Power systems, Wi-Fi infrastructure and other intricate technical pieces should be left to specialists. The Rent For Event team consists of professionals with decades of experience as well as familiarity with the newest, bleeding-edge tech.

“As a rule, cutting costs on the technical side just leads to losses. Plus, when things go wrong at an event, the audience notices. Technical issues, particularly with sound, lighting or any difficulties that arise during presentations, are painfully obvious…Second would be time management. Trying to do everything yourself, especially when it comes to technical equipment, means you don’t have enough time to refine other important aspects of the event,” share the techno-geniuses from Rent For Event.

Comprehensive preparation, with attention to all the minute details, is also essential to pulling off a successful NFT event. Seeing the event through guests’ eyes and ensuring that they seamlessly receive the right audio and visual information at the right time is one of the major building blocks of a flawless experience. Likewise, the atmosphere and the even more mysterious “vibe” are equally important. Rent For Event helps event organizers layer in the most innovative and creative solutions available, making these potential obstacles a non-issue.

Rent For Event has compiled an event planning guide centered on the NFT market, available to our readers. To request your copy, simply reach out to the company on social media or by phone and they will be delighted to send you this one-of-a-kind document.

Rent For Event’s portfolio includes all major brands. To view their full portfolio, visit their YouTube channel or company website. Rent For Event consists of a vast team of experts, allowing them to serve approximately 15-20 events per day, not only in Los Angeles, but throughout the U.S. Rent For Event is also available to work on urgent projects with their “same day” service.

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