Downtown Vegas bars offer style, substance


Forget the velvet rope, forget the dress code -- you just want a drink! Head downtown for a casual, classic take on Vegas’ intoxicating bar scene.

Corduroy: Unpretentiously hip

Corduroy, opened this year in hip Fremont East, is a delightfully unpretentious neighborhood joint that serves its Moscow Mules with house-made ginger beer on tap.


“One of the keys to ours is that our ginger beer is made multiple times weekly and about as fresh as you can find anywhere,” Bill Kennedy, director of marketing, said. “We also strive to be prepared for any requests, ranging from comfortable American beers to classic craft cocktails and everything in between.”

Corduroy’s dedication to keeping things low-key is conveyed in the interiors, a nod to the classic decor of the ‘70s. The main bar is outfitted with a chromatic fluid bubble wall.

Patrons can order munchies like corndogs and pizza bites. There’s a sunken conversation pit, a jukebox that plays actual vinyl records, and phones with notes on them encour aging visitors to call mom. “Overall, it’s very comfortable and built for the common person who rejects velvet ropes and overpriced bottle service,” Kennedy said. “We don’t take it or ourselves too seriously.”

515 Fremont St.

ReBar: Drinks available (decor sold seperately)

Ever wanted to take home a bar’s cool retro decor?

ReBar says everything’s for sale. Part antique store and part watering hole, owner Derek Stonebarger says his Arts District hangout is a magnet for tourists and locals alike.


“Antiques and drinks are definitely an odd combination, but it seems to be a combination that really works,” Stonebarger said. “People have reviewed us saying things like, ‘I didn’t know I needed this in my life!’”

Stonebarger is not only proud of his shop’s collection of oddball items, his drinks are priced nicely as well.

1225 S. Main St.

-Genevieve Wong, Custom Publishing Writer