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Elite Vegas concierge has all the ‘keys' to the city

Elite Vegas concierge has all the ‘keys' to the city
Got an offbeat request while in Vegas? Nancy Nitsche can make it happen. (Courtesy of Aria)

Nancy Nitsche, Aria Resort and Casino's director of concierge services, finds a way to unlock any door in Las Vegas.

As one of nine Les Clefs d'Or members on property, Nitsche is part of an elite concierge group with more than 4,000 members worldwide. Translated from French to "keys of gold," Les Clefs d'Or members undergo a rigorous three-month vetting process to join the organization that includes a test that takes approximately two weeks to complete, featuring essay and multiple-choice questions. Additionally, applicants must work as a full-time concierge at a hotel for at least five years before they can apply.

“Having your keys is a recognition of excellence,” said Nitsche, who also sits on Les Clefs d’Or’s U.S. board of directors. “It means you’ve made it as a professional concierge. It’s not a job, it’s a career that opens your doors to the world.” Les Clefs d’Or services are complimentary to hotel guests — members can be identified by the gold keys on their lapel. In order to stay ahead of all of the changes happening throughout the city, members live up to the organization’s key mantras “in service through friendship” and “anything is possible” by working together regardless of what property they’re with to share information. Members are also invited to attend annual conferences with educational seminars that focus on myriad topics tied to the industry.
“Utilizing a concierge desk with Les Clefs d’Or members is tapping into the network at the highest level in the industry,” Nitsche said. “It’s a connection to ‘wow’ moments that [only] years of experience can provide.” Your Wish Is Her Command

While the most common question for Nitsche is where to eat dinner, she's received several uncommon requests since joining Aria's Les Clefs d'Or team in 2010.

“We once had a lobby dance proposal, a ‘Star Wars’ rose petal room set up and arranged for a private jet and dinner in Denver for a football game,” Nitsche said, recalling her wilder asks. “We also offer a ‘Bowtie Concierge,’ which means we’ll come to a guest’s room and help tie a bow tie should they need assistance.” The most difficult request Nitsche ever received, however, was to film on the lake at Bellagio. “At the time, only four people had ever been allowed to do that, as well as shut down a lane of traffic on Las Vegas Boulevard,” Nitsche said.

"Even I was surprised I was able to make it happen!"

-Heather Turk, Custom Publishing Writer