Volvo Trucks’ latest stunt film is a bull run; the bulls are A-OK

Volvo Trucks has been targeting the viral-video market with its “live test” campaign. The latest stunt film in the series, released Thursday, features a Volvo FL truck chased by bulls in Spain.

“The Chase” is an ad, yes, but it’s also a rollicking bit of fun, and you can see why previous entries in this series have gained Web viewers -- including “The Hook,” which saw the president of Volvo Trucks standing on the front panel of a construction truck dangling 66 feet above the ocean.

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Henry Alex Rubin, Oscar-nominated for his “Murderball” documentary in 2006, directed the film. Driver Rob Hunt was behind the wheel of a truck painted red, maneuvering and sometimes spinning through the cobblestoned streets of ancient Ciudad Rodrigo. 


The company seemed to be heading off any criticism from animal rights groups, stressing safety precautions in both news release and video: “No trucks, people or bulls came to any harm,” Volvo Trucks’ Lars Terling says in the release.

And the bulls, the company assures, “have now retired to a farm outside Guadalajara, where they will enjoy their retirement in peace and quiet.”


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