Full coverage: Toyota Prius defects and recalls

Toyota has recalled millions of hybrid gas-electric cars, mostly Prius models, around the world to fix electronic defects.

After second recall, Toyota Prius electrical system is still overheating

Prius owners are raising questions about the adequacy of Toyota’s attempts over the last five years to stop overheating in the Prius' electrical system.

Toyota issues a safety recall for 2.4 million Prius, Auris hybrids to fix a defect in their electronics

Toyota said Friday that it is recalling 2.4 million Prius models around the world to fix an electronic defect that cause the vehicles to suddenly lose power that could “increase the risk of a crash.”

Electrical defects cause Priuses to stall; Toyota may be bracing for a legal fight as safety worries grow

The electrical power system in some Toyota Prius models are failing at an unusually rapid rate across the nation and leaving owners stranded, despite a 2014 safety recall that was supposed to have fixed the problem, according to Toyota documents reviewed by the Times.

Toyota failed to fix defect that can cause Prius to overheat and lose power, dealer claims in lawsuit

Toyota Prius hybrid drive system has a defect that causes electronic parts to overhead and fail, according to a lawsuit by one of the company's dealers.