Want Pac-12 football? Not all TV services carry it

Ask Laz: How can I watch Pac-12 football if my TV ervice doesn't carry it?

Brian is a UCLA grad and big Bruins backer. He's also a Verizon FiOS subscriber, which doesn't allow him to see Pac-12 Network football games.

Brian wants to know: How can he see his beloved Bruins?


This is another example of how not all broadcasters and programmers see eye to eye -- as we witnessed during the recent tussle between Time Warner Cable and CBS.

Verizon has no contract to show Pac-12 Network games, so a FiOS subscriber can't watch them, no way, no how.

What can you do? I'd suggest getting a satellite dish for the roof. DirecTV doesn't show Pac-12 games either, but Dish Network does. Or you could switch to Time Warner Cable, which also carries the channel.

If that's not doable, you might think about watching at a friend's house or hitting a local sports bars, which, all things considered, might be more fun anyway.

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