Target’s free credit monitoring: How do you know it’s legit?

Columnist David Lazarus answers your consumer questions in this one-minute video.


Like millions of other Target shoppers, Janet has received an offer from the company for free credit monitoring.

This is to help protect against identity theft after the hack attack against the retailer that resulted the personal information of up to 110 million people going astray.

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Janet wants to know how she can tell if the email she received is legitimate. Couldn’t this be another way for hackers to be coming after people?

She also wants to know why she’s being requested to fork over her Social Security number. Isn’t that something she should never do?

Good questions. People should never blindly click on anything that comes into their inboxes, or respond to such offers without making sure things are OK.

For what you should know about Target’s offer, check out today’s Ask Laz video.

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