Barbie Cafe opens in Taiwan, covered in pink

Need more pink in your life? The new Barbie Cafe in Taiwan has more than enough to spare.

The eatery is exactly what its name implies -- a temple to the 54-year-old doll, erected in Taipei’s Da’an shopping district and doused in fuchsia, blush, rose and likely several shades of pink previously unknown to man.

Licensed by El Segundo toy giant Mattel, the eatery features chairs modeled after tutus, complete with frills and lace-up backs. Tufted candy-colored couches abound. Fashion sketches of Barbie strut across the walls.

One of the few furnishings not slathered in pink: A sofa. Sheathed in gold lame.

What to eat at a cafe that idealizes a character with unreal body proportions and that, according to its Facebook profile, seeks customers who are “princesses”?


A seafood dish made to look like a jewelry box, for starters. Some adorable sliders, perhaps?

The cafe’s Facebook page says customers’ options include American cuisine, French food, Italian fare, seafood and sandwiches.


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