At long last: Caviar vending machines reach L.A. malls


Your prayers have been answered: Finally, Angelenos can drop hundreds of dollars at vending machines in local malls for a single ounce of caviar.

Admit it, Black Friday isn’t even over and you’ve already broken down the door at Urban Outfitters and spent your mortgage payment on door-buster deals. So what’s another few bucks or 400 for an ounce of Royal River Beluga caviar?

Beverly Hills Caviar is stocking the vending machines at Burbank Town Center, Topanga Westfield Mall and Century City Mall with fish eggs as well as truffles, escargot, oils, gourmet salts and gift boxes (hat tip to the Eater blog).


The contraptions, which have been dubbed “unique caviar boutiques,” also have bottarga -- roe in salted, dried and cured slabs -- as well as utensils made of mother of pearl so as not to interfere with the taste of the delicacy.

Members of the 1% who get a late-night craving can hit up the Burbank “boutique” until 2 a.m.

That is, assuming they’re not hitting up the Sprinkles cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills instead.


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