Domino’s Pizza launches ‘store of the future’ and revamps logo

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Domino’s Pizza has a new look, ramping up its store design and switching out its logo to bring “the art and skill of pizza-making front and center.”

The chain’s “store of the future” went through years of development and concept testing, the company said. The new “Pizza Theater” design will feature open kitchens that show off “pizza-making artists” at work -- emphasis on hand-tossing dough and custom preparation of pies.

Domino’s eateries will begin to incorporate comfortable lobby areas as well as ordering kiosks and boards that track to-go orders electronically. Customers will be able to draw or leave feedback on chalk boards placed around the stores, which may also feature big-screen televisions.


Carryout diners could also grab salads, milk, cookies, desserts and other snacks. So far, the chain has built nearly a dozen concept stores in the U.S.

Domino’s is also ditching its square-shaped logo for one that looks … strikingly similar, aside from it now being rectangular.

The hope for the “simple, visually striking logo” is to “reach the point where we’re as recognized as the Nike swoosh or the Golden Arches,” said Chief Marketing Officer Russell Weiner.

Only new stores and existing stores that have undergone major remodeling will be allowed to use the new symbol.

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The chain is attempting to differentiate itself in a pizza market that is steadily moving more upscale. Pies now feature gourmet ingredients and intricate preparation; even Domino’s recently launched lines of so-called artisan pizzas as well as pies with gluten-free crusts.


Many major restaurant chains have been undergoing revamps since the recession, attempting to recapture evolving customers and maintain momentum in the midst of increasingly dense competition.

Burger King recently brought in celebrities such as David Beckham to plug its new line of products. Chuck E. Cheese turned its mousy mascot into a rock star.


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