Think you pay too much in taxes? 52% of America agrees with you

Yes, most Americans think federal taxes are too high. Shocking! Seriously, what’s more interesting about the results of a new Gallup poll is that we’re much – much -- more at peace now with our taxes than we used to be.

The annual Gallup poll found that 52% of taxpayers say federal income taxes are set too high, an increase from 46% in 2012.

The percentage of people who think taxes could stand to be reduced has hovered around 50% since 2003, the report said.


Before that, as much as 69% of Americans felt taxes were too high, according to Gallup. It was President George W. Bush’s income-tax cuts of 2001 and 2003 that seemed to have a soothing effect on taxpayers, one that lasted.

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Americans’ perception about taxes has sometimes tracked with historical events. During the 1940s, for example, people overwhelmingly reported that taxes were fair -- probably due to a sense of patriotism during World War II, the report said.

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This recent poll shows that these days it all comes down to politics. The bluer you are, the more OK you are with paying Uncle Sam. About 55% of Democrats say taxes are “about right,” while only 38% of Republicans and 36% of independents think the same.


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