Only in NYC: A $90-million penthouse and a $1-million parking spot


Angelenos, you may be looking at your future: A record $90-million penthouse apartment and a $1-million parking spot are all the buzz at the moment in New York City.

The Southland has had its share of extravagant real estate deals. Candy Spelling sold her 56,500-square-foot Holmby Hills manor last year for $85 million -- after it sat on the market for $150 million -- making it the highest-priced house in the U.S.

In 2000, financial executive Gary Winnick bought an eight-acre Bel-Air estate for $94 million. Last year, several Westside properties sold for more than $20 million.


But the Manhattan offerings reported this week and last by the New York Post may just blow those out of the water.

Inside an eight-story Greenwich Village building, a 12-by-23-foot parking spot will go on the market this month. No, not a parking lot -- we’re talking about a single space. For $1 million.

That’s a $115 illegal-parking ticket every day for 24 years, according to the Post. Even in Los Angeles, where the dearth of spots is legendary, that would be a steep price to pay for parking stability.

Granted, the 15-foot ceiling means that the space can be “duplexed” -- meaning that the eventual owner can install an elevator to stack two cars. Considering the price, though, maybe the Batmobile is one of them.

Buyers must also sign up for one of the building’s six luxury condos -- which feature shower water infused with vitamin C and aloe, among other amenities. The apartments are being offered for $39 million at the high end.

The parking space will come with a separate deed, sales contract and maintenance fees.

But that’s not the only upper-echelon real estate bombshell coming out of the Big Apple this month.

Last week, a luxury penthouse apartment went for a record $90 million -- and it hasn’t even been built.

The 10,923-square-foot space atop the 90-story One57 tower, across the street from Carnegie Hall, was sold to a mystery buyer.

Extell Development Co. said in a statement that the glass building is expected to be the tallest residential property in the city. The 92 condos, with occupancy slated for 2013, are to sit atop a Park Hyatt hotel and rise more than 1,000 feet high.


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