Taylor Swift buys $4.9-million mansion near Kennedy love: reports

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Ah, young love. Taylor Swift revels in it, writes songs about it and, if the real estate rumor mill is to be believed, recently dropped $4.9 million on a Cape Cod mansion so she can be closer to it.

Specifically, to Conor Kennedy, 18, the grandson of Swift’s friend Ethel Kennedy and, recently and reportedly, Swift’s boyfriend.

The Grammy-winning songstress, 22, is said to have bought the 4,400-square-foot oceanfront property in Hyannis Port, near the 6-acre Kennedy compound. People magazine and various real estate blogs peg the home, overlooking Nantucket Sound, as having seven bedrooms and five bathrooms.


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The white house was on the market for up to four years and was originally priced at around $14 million. According to real estate blog Curbed, which also has photos, the Colonial-style mansion was built in 1928.

The star is normally based in Nashville, but was photographed earlier this summer gallivanting with Arnold Schwarzenneger’s son Patrick in Cape Cod before attention shifted to Conor Kennedy.

Next up, perhaps a home in Camelot?


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