Patagonia to donate 100% of its Black Friday sales to ‘fundraiser for the Earth’

Patagonia will donate $10 million — 100% of its Black Friday sales — to environmental causes.
(Associated Press)

Patagonia says its Black Friday “fundraiser for the Earth” has shattered expectations by bringing in $10 million in sales that will be donated to nonprofits focused on helping the environment.

The outdoor clothing maker previously announced it would donate 100% of its global retail and online sales on Black Friday. It says it expected to reach $2 million in sales, but generated five times more. Patagonia says the fundraiser “attracted thousands who have never purchased anything from Patagonia before.”

Ventura-based Patagonia hasn’t said exactly which groups the money will go to, but says they are “underfunded and under the radar.” It also has a list of groups that have previously received grants from the company.