Rival airlines poke fun at United over leggings dispute


United Airlines has taken a heap of criticism from celebrities and other air travelers over its decision last week to bar two teenage girls from boarding a flight from Denver because they were wearing leggings.

Actress Patricia Arquette posted a message on Twitter, saying “Leggings are business attire for 10 year olds. Their business is being children.”

The airline has explained that the girls were “pass holders,” who were flying as a guest of an employee and failed to abide by an employee dress code that prohibits “form-fitting lycra/spandex tops, pants and dresses.”


But the Chicago-based airline has also taken a few shots from its rival airlines.

Delta Air Lines posted a message on Twitter on Monday, saying “Flying Delta means comfort. (That means you can wear your leggings.)”

Florida-based Spirit Airlines on Tuesday posted an ad declaring “Let them wear leggings,” along with a one-day offer of 75% off on flights to specific destinations, on Tuesdays and Wednesdays only.

Clicking the link led to a message saying, “Well at least at Spirit, we’re united (cough) about letting young girls dress how they want. If you want to fly with us, get your leggings on ladies. Or even gentlemen. No judgments here.”

Both Spirit and Delta impose a dress code on employees that forbid revealing clothing but do not specifically ban lycra, spandex or otherwise stretchy pants.


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