American Rag Cie uses cameras to offer you a good look at your denim-clad behind

Bum’s the word when it comes to denim. If you’re going to push your tush into a brand-new pair of jeans, might as well know how they look, right?

But checking out your own rear can be a neck-craning, imprecise affair. That’s where having a camera in a dressing room may be a good thing.

In the World Denim Bar sections of its Los Angeles and Newport Beach stores, retailer American Rag Cie has installed such all-seeing eyes at booty level in its fitting stalls.

The camera sends a streaming view of a customer’s derriere on a closed-circuit loop to a screen embedded in the dressing room’s mirror.


The company plans to eventually expand the concept to its Industrie Denim stores.

Founder Mark Werts developed and patented the camera system and plans to sell the technology to other retailers around the country.

Now you can know for sure there’s nothing between you and those Calvins.