Roses and Lemon awarded for downtown L.A. denizens

New bars and restaurants headlined competition Thursday in the annual Roses and Lemon Awards handed out by the venerable Downtown Breakfast Club, a group of real estate professionals.

A rose went to the Perch, a whimsical French-inspired rooftop bistro on the top two floors of the Pershing Square Building. The 16-story office tower was built in the mid-1920s at 448 Hill St. Other nominees for the restaurant rose were the Spice Table, 112 Central Ave., and Artisan House, 600 S. Main St.

Snagging the rose for drinking establishments was Silo Vodka Bar, which includes a walk-in freezer where guests imbibe under arctic conditions. It’s in the historic Haas Building, a 1911 office tower turned apartment building on 7th Street at Broadway. The runner-ups were Pattern Bar at 100 W. 9th St., and Salvage Bar and Lounge at 717 W. 7th St.

In the art sector, the club singled out Paul Schimmel, MOCA’s chief curator, who spearheaded the exhibit of “Under the Big Black Sun: California Art 1874-1971,” for a rose. The Borman Group and Canyon Johnson got the award for their conversion of 940 E. 2nd St. -- originally a Spreckles sugar beet storage house – to housing.


The lemon went to city and county entities that have been unable to cope with downtown’s homeless problem.


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