LinkedIn confirms profile redesign, says more changes to come

LinkedIn confirmed a redesign to its profile pages Monday and also said it plans to roll out many more changes throughout the rest of the year.

Following an earlier story reporting changes to profile pages on LinkedIn, the company contacted the Los Angeles Times Monday afternoon with a statement.

“We are focused on making it easier for LinkedIn members to get more value out of the services we offer by creating simpler, more relevant, more social experiences,” a company spokeswoman said in an email. “This new look and feel to the profile is the first step of many more exciting changes to come to the LinkedIn profile later this year.”

The changes, first spotted by Donna Serdula of, give LinkedIn profile pages a notable shake-up for the first time in a long time.


The new design gives profiles a simpler design while emphasizing some key parts. Notably, the profile picture and user name has gotten larger, and users’ summaries have been moved higher up.

Previously, the tops of profile pages were littered with links, but many of those parts are now presented more elegantly or can only be seen when a button is clicked that expands to reveal them.

The new look is rolling out to users over time, and it is part of an overhaul that began last month with LinkedIn’s home page.



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