Apple will give you up to $345 for your iPhone


If you’re looking to sell your iPhone in anticipation of the iPhone 5, Apple’s Reuse and Recycling Program could give you up to $345 for your device.

The program will take your old iPhone and mail you back a gift card that can be used at an Apple retail or online store. How much credit you get is determined by the model and quality of your device.

If you have a 64-gigabyte iPhone 4S in top-notch condition along with its charger, you could receive a gift card worth $345. If the device has scratches, the credit falls to $295; if it’s cracked or has other type of damage, the payback plummets to $50.


For a 32GB iPhone 4S, you’ll get $330 if it’s in perfect condition and $280 if it’s lightly scratched. A 16GB iPhone 4S will get a return of $285 in great condition and $235 with light scratches.

With the iPhone 4, you could get $185 for the 32GB model in great condition and $135 for one with light scratches. The 16GB could get you $170, or $120 with scratches, and the 8GB can fetch up to $155, or $105 with scratches.

To use the Reuse and Recycling Program, head to its Web page and select your device. In the next page, make sure to answer questions as accurately as possible, so you’ll get the most accurate estimate of the credit you could receive.

Apple says that the actual amount you’ll receive for your device will be determined after it receives and evaluates your product.

The program is a convenient way to sell your phone, and it’ll get you an Apple gift card that you’ll certainly be able to use if you choose to buy the next iPhone.

However, there are other options available that could fetch you more money, including some that could get you more than $200 for an iPhone 4.



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