Apple iPhone 5S rumors already swirling

Apple' iPhone 5 was released less than three months ago, but that's not keeping rumors of an iPhone 5S from spreading.

It hasn’t even been three months since the iPhone 5 released and already rumors about an iPhone 5S, or even an iPhone 6, are starting to spread on the Internet.

Apple comes out with a new version of its smartphone each year, so these rumors are expected on an annual basis. But typically the off-season for iPhone rumors feels like it lasts longer than this -- I mean, the iPhone 5 hasn’t even come out in most countries yet.


Regardless, they have begun, and there’s nothing we can do about it. So what exactly is all the buzz about the seventh-generation iPhone?

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Well, one of the rumors originates from a post on a forum website called that claims to have some pictures of the back cover on the upcoming iPhone.

You can see that post and the attached pictures here. The pictures show the rear cover looks almost the same as the iPhone 5’s except for the location of a few screw holes.


The post says the pictures seem to be of an iPhone 5S because instead of the back cover having specification numbers it simply has a series of Xs, which could indicate it is a prototype part. I personally think the pictures are a hoax.

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Another rumor surrounding the next iPhone that recently went around the World Wide Web was put out by Digitimes -- which has been criticized for getting some Apple rumors wrong.

The Digitimes report said the next iPhone and iPad will release this summer, but the last time Apple released an iPhone in the summer was in 2010 and it has never released an iPad during the summer season.



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