IPhone 5S coming in June in flurry of colors, analyst says


At least one analyst is predicting the iPhone 5S will arrive next summer and will come in a flurry of colors.

Peter Misek of Jefferies, an investment banking firm, sent out a note Monday detailing some of his predictions for the next iteration of the hugely popular Apple smartphone.

According to various reports, Misek predicts the iPhone 5S, as its believed the phone will be called, will launch in June. If that indeed is the case, the iPhone 5S would be the first Apple smartphone to launch in the summer since the iPhone 4.


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In addition to a launch date, Misek also predicts the iPhone 5S will come in six to eight colors.

That isn’t too hard to believe considering that some of Apple’s rivals -- most notably Nokia and Samsung -- have started to release their phones in numerous color options. Apple this year also released the latest version of the iPod Touch in six different colors.

Additionally, Misek predicts the iPhone 5S will have a “super HD” camera and screen, an improved battery and will finally be enabled with Near-Field Communication technology, or NFC.

NFC is a feature many Android phones already possess to let them easily share files simply by bumping each other.

So those are Misek’s predictions, but whether he’s right is a whole other question. Misek was recently wrong on a prediction about the iPad mini and appears to be wrong on another prediction involving the rumored Apple television set. However, as the San Francisco Chronicle points out, he has had correct predictions involving the iPhone in the past.



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