Amazon brings instant video to iPhone, iPod Touch


As if Apple bringing back Google Maps wasn’t enough news today, now iPhone users also will have access to movies and TV shows from

The Seattle-based online retailer announced early Thursday the arrival of the Amazon Instant Video app for the iPhone and iPod Touch.

With the app, users can gain access to any video content they have purchased or rented from However, they cannot make any new purchases or rents from the app itself.


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With the app, Amazon Prime members also gain access to the company’s Prime Instant Video catalog, which includes more than 30,000 pieces of content available to watch whenever they wish.

When using the app, content is streamed from the cloud, but users can also download items they have purchased or rented. To do so, select the content you want, and on the next page, press the icon with the downward arrow.

The has been available to iPad users for some time. As for Android users, they will have to wait; Amazon said nothing about when Instant Video will arrive to the Google mobile operating system


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