Facebook users post their two cents on IPO filing

No one knows Facebook better than Facebook.

Only seconds after the company’s huge initial public stock offering was announced, Facebook users flooded the social network with comments.

“Based on my news feeds, you would think Zuck just took over the world. Oh, Facebook,” said Amanda Coolong, producer of a technology news site.

“OOO What I could give to be able to get in on this,” wrote Alexander Henry Sargent, expressing the oft-repeated hope that shares would be available to the common user.


Other loyal Facebook users simply hoped that they could share, in some way, in the money that will be made in the buying and selling of the company’s stock.

“To Mark Zuckerberg, founder of this very home called Facebook,” wrote Steve Baxley. “Kudos upon your launch of the IPO. ‘Twould be really fun to give all us Facebookers a little piece of that!”

Freelance writer Michael Shinzaki said that if he could get in on the IPO, he’d wipe out one of the social network’s newest and most disparaged features. “I think I’m gonna buy 2.5 billion,” he said, “then make an executive decision to revoke the timelines.”

Some were skeptical of the riches people expected the IPO to generate.


“The amount of value that a company without tangible goods doing what it does (nothing) is amazing really,” wrote Justin Martens. “In the blink of an eye it could be gone.”

Others worried that the IPO might mean fundamental changes for Facebook.

“Well, Facebook is all about the money now,” said a user identified as Scootergoods. “So I would say paying for your membership will happen real soon.”

And at least one person saw a moneymaking possibility beyond the stock offering. Guy Blume had a message for any insider about to get rich off the IPO.

“Menlo Park and surrounding towns may see a real boon to local business especially real estate,” Blume wrote. “Looking to buy a home in Silicon Valley? Let me know if I can help.”

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