Bad cars: AMC Pacer? Pontiac Aztek? Edmunds ranks the worst


Among the bad cars that have been produced in America, what’s the worst that was ever sold?

A lot of vehicles come to mind.

The remarkably ugly 1975 AMC Pacer? Here’s what the editors of say about the car: “Desperate AMC bets on weird and wide small car with a fishbowl greenhouse and archaic six-cylinder drivetrain. It’s been an icon of disenfranchised losers ever since.”

Then there is the equally tortured 2001 Pontiac Aztek, which may win the award for ugliest of all time. Or how about the first Hyundai? Or the 1987 Yugo, which may have had the worst driving characteristics and was the least reliable.


We asked Edmunds, an auto information company that spends a lot of time driving and compiling information about cars, to put together a list of the top 10 worst vehicles ever sold in America.

PHOTOS: Top 10 list of worst cars ever

They obliged and their picks are rounded up into the above gallery.

And since it’s an election year, we also offered up nominations for six cars. Vote on the one you would like to see in the hall of shame list. We will post the winner.


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