In the fast lane

In a effort to speed airport security lines, a Transportation Security Administration program to pre-screen some passengers is being expanded to include 35 airports nationwide by year-end.

The program, called TSA PreCheck, is already being tested at seven airports, including some American Airlines gates at Los Angeles International Airport.

How does it work?

** U.S. citizens approved for pre-screening will have information embedded in their ticket bar codes.

** If preapproved, passengers undergo expedited screening, which could include no longer removing shoes, laptops from bags, light outerwear or jackets, and belts. Small containers of liquids would not have to be taken out of carry-on bags.

What airlines?

American and Delta now participate in the program. US Airways, United and Alaska are expected to join later this year.

How do you get preapproved? Passengers already cleared for other U.S. Customs pre-screening programs are eligible. Passengers may apply at and through some airline frequent flier programs.

Source: Transportation Security Administration

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