Hansen Natural Corp. changes its name to Monster Beverage

Apparently “Hansen Natural Corp.” just didn’t have enough bite -- the Corona-based beverage maker is changing its name to the more aggressive Monster Beverage Corp.

Hansen makes a line of namesake juices as well as Admiral Iced Tea, Blue Sky energy drinks and Junior Juice. Its website features pastoral images of rolling hills and butterflies.

At first glance, it’s difficult to discern that this company with a wholesome, feel-good image is the same one that owns the gritty Monster Energy drinks. The brand, which sponsors extreme sports events, features a neon-green triple-slash logo on beverage offerings such as Monster Rehab.

But stockholders agreed Thursday that the company needed to toughen up with a new name. Monster Beverage Corp. shares will begin trading under the ticker symbol MNST on Monday.


Third-quarter sales at the company jumped a record 24.4% year-over-year to $474.7 million, with Monster drinks outpacing the energy drink category, according to an earnings release in November. Net income soared nearly 24% to $82.4 million.


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