Details of major Twitter iPhone app update leak

Details of an upcoming update for Twitter’s iPhone app leaked this weekend, showing the app will be receiving a major overhaul in its next version.

The leak, which somehow made its way onto the iOS 6 version of the App Store, showed Twitter will be adding a lot more features as well as aiming to improve the app’s performance. The 4.3 version of the app will add features for interactivity, better notifications, improved searching and more, according to a report.

The Twitter app will receive changes to make it more like the social network’s website, including content previews for Twitter’s partner websites, which will show videos, images and other material inside tweets within the app.

Changes to the app’s notifications are getting revamped. Now, Twitter will send you less-invasive notifications within the app. The company will also allow users to get notifications when certain people tweet, and users will be able to have Twitter’s Discover tab send notifications.


Within the design side of the app, the new Twitter logo will make its way onto Apple’s mobile ecosystem after being introduced last month.

Other changes include letting users navigate to someone’s profile by tapping on his or her avatar, and outfitting the app’s search with autocomplete, which has been a recent addition to Twitter’s non-mobile search bar.

There’s no word yet on when the app will make its way to the App Store, though.

But 9 to 5 Mac, which reported the upcoming app, points out that a similar type of leak occurred with the last Instagram update, and in that case, the new app came 10 days later.



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