Shipment time for Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina finally improves


The MacBook Pro with Retina, the star of last month’s Worldwide Developers Conference, has finally seen an improvement to its shipping time from Apple’s online store.

After launching June 11, the MacBook Pro with Retina quickly sold out and saw its shipping time jump up to an estimated waiting time of three to four week before arrival. Now that time has finally been cut, but sadly, it’s just a slight improvement of one week.

MacRumors reported the improvement late last night, saying the change was first seen in Apple’s Asia-Pacific market. But since then, the Retina’s shipping time in the U.S. and parts of Europe has also been cut.


While two to three weeks is a good sign, there are other ways of getting the Retina, including one that doesn’t require waiting half a month.

The computer is also being sold by both Best Buy and Amazon, and both offer discounts on the laptop. However, both still seem to be back-ordered.

If you absolutely want the Retina right now, the best thing you can do is call up your local Apple store every day and ask if they’ve received any units. Shipments to Apple stores always vary, so on any random day, the stores can and do receive shipments. You’ll have to pay full price, and availability is essentially random, but it’s quicker than waiting two weeks if you do it right.

The computer has a 15-inch screen, of course complete with Apple’s Retina display. It’s also super slim, albeit at the cost of no optical drive, and it also runs on the latest Ivy Bridge processor.

The computer comes in two standard forms, a 256 GB version for $2,199 and a 512 GB version for $2,799.



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