Facebook adds ‘Seen by’ feature to Group pages

Facebook has introduced a feature on its Group pages that lets users see which other users have viewed their posts.

The feature, introduced earlier this week, adds a “Seen by” tag to posts that users can hover over to see the reach of each post in Group pages.

Based on a screen shot provided by Facebook, the features appears to already be on both its website and mobile apps.


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“For example, in your soccer group you can post the new practice time and then see who got the update,” was the example provided by Facebook in an online update.

While some have called the feature “the end of Facebook stalking,” that’s hardly the case as its exclusive solely to Group pages. However, Facebook has used its Group pages to test new features that have eventually wound up being adopted Facebook-wide.

We’ve asked Facebook if that could be the case with the new “Seen by” feature, and we’ll update when we hear back from them.

The new feature is similar to another that let’s you see if your friends have seen your Facebook message and vice versa. That feature has also been rolled out by Facebook recently.

Already this week Facebook announced a revamped Events app. The Menlo Park, Calif.-based social network redesigned the feature and also added a Calender view.

In addition, Facebook and NBC announced that they had entered into a partnership to promote each other’s coverage of the Olympics.


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