Banana Republic designs Virgin America crew uniforms


Virgin America’s pilots and flight attendants are going to look a lot more stylish in midair.

The airline partnered with Banana Republic to design new uniforms for its 2,000 in-flight and airport crew members that will debut Aug. 8.

The uniforms -- which look like pieces that might be worn by a chic world traveler with a penchant for the colors red, black and white -- include apparel for both men and women. Both Banana Republic and Virgin Atlantic will sell clothing items inspired by the new uniforms starting Aug. (for security reasons, the pieces available for sale won’t be exact replicas).


“Since the golden age of jet-setting in the 1960s, in-flight fashion has often been elusive in the U.S., but we hope to bring a little of it back to the skies with these new designs,” said Luanne Calvert, vice president of marketing at Virgin America.

Outfits for the guys include leather jackets, striped sweaters and lined mac coats, while the ladies get pencil skirts, trench coats, silk scarves and their own leather outerwear.

Airlines have long sought out designers to craft stylish-looking uniforms, especially for its flight attendants. The now defunct Braniff International Airways hired both high-end label Pucci and also Halston in the 1960s and 70s. Korean Air flight attendants currently sport pale-blue and khaki uniforms created by Italian designer Gianfranco Ferre.


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