Facebook, Yahoo patent war peace talks commence

Yahoo and Facebook have entered settlement talks for a lawsuit involving alleged patent infringements by both companies, according to a recent court filing.

Lawyers from Yahoo asked a U.S. District judge in San Francisco to provide a two-week extension on reply deadlines as well as a two-week postponement for a scheduled August hearing so the companies can continue their settlement talks.

“The parties are currently engaged in settlement negotiations to resolve this dispute,” Kevin Smith, a Yahoo lawyer, said in the filing according to Bloomberg, which broke the news. “The parties believe that a further extension will facilitate settlement.”

The two companies have been disputing about patents since Yahoo sent an email threatening action in February. The threat became reality a month later once the company actually filed a lawsuit involving 10 patents.


Since then, the fight has only escalated with Facebook also alleging that Yahoo was infringing on 10 of its own patents. That in turn was followed by Yahoo adding another two patents to its lawsuit against the giant social network company.

Yahoo said it did not wish to provide comment, while spokespeople for Facebook did not respond to a request for comment.


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