Larry Ellison’s island purchase isn’t his only extravagant buy


Larry Ellison just bought the Hawaiian island of Lanai, reportedly for $500 million or $600 million. But as impressive a purchase as that is, for Ellison it’s just another item in a checkout line of fascinating buys he has made throughout his life.

Ellison, who made his fortune as a co-founder and the chief executive of Oracle, constantly doles out millions of dollars for things most people only wish they could lay their eyes on.

The list, which you can see in pictures through the link below, consists of real estate, cars, planes and more.


PHOTOS: Expensive things Larry Ellison has bought

Among the most impressive assets Ellison has ever held was his former yacht, the Rising Sun, which he sold in 2010 for $300 million. It is the world’s eighth-largest yacht and has more than 80 rooms, a cinema and even a basketball court, which can also be used as a helicopter landing pad. It needs a crew of more than 40 to operate.

Staying on the topic of boats, Ellison also put more than $100 million into his yacht racing team, BMW Oracle, over the last few years, and it paid off in 2010 when the team won the America’s Cup.

But Ellison, whom Forbes lists as the fourth richest person on Earth, doesn’t limit himself to the sea when it comes to motorized conveyances.

The billionaire -- his holdings are valued at more than $30 billion -- owns all sorts of cars, including the Audi R8, McLaren F1, Lexus LFA and the Lexus LS 600h L. The McLaren F1 had a sticker price of $970,000, and its value, unlike that of most cars, has actually increased since the model stopped being made in 1997.

However, Ellison’s favorite car is the Acura NSX, and he likes the $100,000 car so much that he reportedly buys them for his pals as gifts.

When it comes to planes, Ellison has a few too, but his favorite is an Italian Marchetti jet.

And if Ellison isn’t riding around in some boat, car or jet, he takes the time to make loud real estate purchases too.

In Woodside, Calif., Ellison owns two properties, one of which is a 23-acre estate modeled after a 16th century Japanese emperor’s residence, complete with a 2.3-acre man-made lake. That home was valued last year at $70.4 million.

His other home in the area is a smaller property that Ellison put on the market last year. Yeah, it’s smaller, but it’s got a price tag of $19 million.

On the East Coast, Ellison has a home that he purchased in 2010 for $10.5 million. It was previously owned by the Astor family.

And in Southern California, he purchased a 249-acre estate near Palm Springs in 2010 for $49 million. However, that didn’t top his $65-million purchase of five adjacent properties in Carbon Beach back in 2003.

And as if that wasn’t enough, Ellison also paid $100 million before the 2010 edition of BNP Paribas Open tennis tournament. There was a possibility that the competition, one of the top in the sport, would leave the U.S., and Ellison, a big fan of tennis, stepped in to keep it stateside.

The island of Lanai may be Ellison’s biggest purchase yet, but it certainly isn’t unexpected or outright shocking.


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