Microsoft will launch Surface as Wi-Fi only, report says

The Microsoft Surface likely will launch this fall. It also likely will launch without 3G or 4G connectivity.

On Monday, Microsoft announced the Surface, which has wowed observers, the press and consumers. But Microsoft has been very vague about many of Surface’s most important details, among them, the price, battery life, and whether or not it was limited to Wi-Fi connectivity.

Now a report says the tablet will debut intially as Wi-Fi only. Bloomberg reported that the Surface will launch without the ability to connect to any mobile networks, citing two sources familiar with the matter.

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There’s some evidence that backs up the claim. Earlier this week I asked Microsoft if it would also be launching 3G versions of the device, and its PR people dodged the question, saying they had nothing to add beyond the Surface’s website and press release.

Apple’s iPad, the top-selling device in the mobile market, is offered in different variations, half of which are able to connect to 4G mobile networks.

The Surface could miss out on some purchases by coming without mobile connectivity, or Microsoft may be banking on people mostly using their tablets in areas with Wi-Fi connections.

Regardless, it’s been a busy week for Redmond, Wash.-based company.

After announcing the Surface Monday, Microsoft previewed the next version of its mobile platform, Windows Phone 8, on Wednesday.


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