What is working at McDonald’s like? An employee dishes on Reddit

Secret menu? A Reddit user claiming to be a McDonald's employee has spilled the beans on working conditions at the chain. Among his revelations, ordering a McKinley Mac sandwich will get customers a Big Mac made with Quarter Pounder patties.
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Is there a secret menu at McDonald’s? What kind of high jinks happen in the drive-thru? How often are the restaurants cleaned? A Reddit user identifying himself as an 18-year-old employee at a golden arches in Columbus, Ohio – one of the top 500 outlets in the company, no less – has the answers.

On an “Ask Me Anything” thread on the social site, GameMisconduct63 says he’s “seen the worst of the worst customer incidents, altercations, and the overall rudeness of human beings” working at the chain. But we’re taking his stories with a grain of salt for now – he hasn’t identified himself and the folks at McDonald’s corporate have yet to comment.

[Updated, 12:00 p.m.: McDonald’s spokeswoman Danya Proud responded with the following comment:

“While this crew member is not a spokesperson for McDonald’s, as with any job, I think we can all agree there are ups and downs, good days and bad. We believe these posts reflect that.”]


That said, and with a constant caveat from the writer that operations at McDonald’s vary from location to location, here are some gems from GameMisconduct63:

  • Drive-thru fun: An exact replica of the Mystery Machine, the van driven by the Scooby Doo gang, once made its way to the window, according to Game. He also notes that “many people drive thru backwards.” One customer tried to pay using board game money.
  • Secret menu? Not really, but there are some products that employees will make if asked, according to Game. These include a McKinley Mac (a Big Mac with Quarter Pounder patties) and a Neapolitan milkshake (layered with chocolate, vanilla and strawberry).
  • Customer highlights (and lowlights): Patrons have thrown ice cream at Game, he wrote. Some have tried to get amorous in the lobby. A woman once tipped Game a dollar for directing her to the nearest Subway restaurant, he wrote. One customer arrived wearing tighty-whitey underwear … and nothing else.
  • Most difficult meals to prepare? Happy meals, which involve multiple components including drinks, a choice of fries or apples and different toys for boys and girls. Preparing oatmeal and iced coffees are also time-consuming endeavors, according to Game.
  • Myth: “Contrary to popular belief, NOBODY (at our location, at least) would ever, ever mess with the food that is going to a customer,” Game writes.
  • When do burgers get thrown out? At Game’s location, a prepared burger cannot be sold more than 10 minutes after it is made (though the patties can sit on the steamers for an hour).
  • How often is the restaurant cleaned? Every 10 minutes.

Game writes that he’s resigning from his post in a month to head off to college. But would he work for McDonald’s again?
“Honestly, yes,” he writes. “The one I’m at right now is the perfect storm of employees, pay, and job atmosphere.”

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As for potential backlash from his employer?

“It’s been great job experience prepping myself for the real world in/after college work life,” he writes. “Everything has been amazing, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. If they fire me for the truth, so be it.”


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