‘Harry Potter’ e-books go on sale on Pottermore

The “Harry Potter” series, which has conquered mediums from books to movies, is finally available in e-book format.

The books by author J.K. Rowling can be purchased on for $7.99 for the first three books, $9.99 for the last four installments, or $57.54 for the entire series.

“Today is a great day for Harry Potter fans and e-book readers alike,” said Charlie Redmayne, chief executive of Pottermore. “Not only is this phenomenally popular series available in e-book form for the first time, but across an extensive range of devices and platforms, thanks to unique collaborations with leading online retailers.”

The Harry Potter e-books can be accessed using several platforms, including the Amazon Kindle, Sony’s Reader, Google Play and the Barnes & Noble Nook.


The news broke last summer that the books were on their way to digital format when Rowling announced Pottermore, which is a game-like website where users can relive the wizard series.

Currently, the full website is not open to all users, and the more than 1 million beta users who do have access to the game portion of the site can experience only the first book of the series, “The Sorcerer’s Stone.” The website will open to the public in early April, said a spokesman for the author, and the second book, “The Chamber of Secrets,” is expected to open soon after.

Comment from Rowling was not made available. The author’s latest tweet is regarding her next book, which is geared toward adults.


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