Comedy Central app highlights election humor

Who doesn’t love election humor? A new free app for iPhones and iPads from Comedy Central aims to take palm-side the comedy of this political cycle.

Indecision Election Companion includes posts from the comedy network’s blog, occasional clips from both “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report,” and special features such as Guess the Quote: “The Hunger Games” or Tea Party Patriot. The user has to choose whether the excerpt is from the post-apocalyptic young-adult adventure novel or from the Tea Party Patriots’ Facebook page.

The app includes a photo gallery, “Snap Shots,” which features daily photos with captioned commentary. You have to rely on their wit -- you can’t yet offer your own caption for the photos.

For those users who surf the channels for political fare, the app has an exclusive offering called “Peanut Gallery,” which lets you engage with Indecision’s live bloggers during debates, primary returns or Sunday morning politics shows. User comments, “subject to moderation and editorial whim,” may get pulled into the live blog stream.

Those users who can’t quite bring the humor in comments can still participate in real time using “Reacticons” such as “Cry-Baby,” “Dunce,” “Yawn,” “Knock-Out” or B.S., which resize themselves based on how many people hit a certain icon. It beats just yelling at the TV.


The app preformed a bit slower than the blog when we looked at it, not quite updating as immediately. Also the video didn’t always correlate with the headline. For instance, what appears with the post on Barack Obama’s hot mic gaffe is really about the pseudo-beefy topic of pink slime. Not quite politics, but it’s still a little something to chew on.

You can share the humor with your friends and political sparring buddies via email, Facebook and Twitter.


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