Facebook quietly launches file sharing

Just as interest in sharing files in the cloud is starting to heat up, Facebook has started rolling out file sharing for groups.

Mashable first reported that all groups on the social-networking site will offer the ability to send files. New groups created Thursday seem to have it already in place. We were able to use the new file-sharing feature in a group we created to confirm and check it out.

For those groups that haven’t already seen “Upload file” added to the status update options or seen the “Docs” tab shift to “Files,” these changes will come soon, according to Mashable.

When you click on the “Files” tab, you are given the option of either creating a document, as you could do before, or uploading a file. The size limit listed is 25 MB. The site does block you, however, from uploading audio files and executable files.


Once a file is uploaded, members of the group are given the option in the post that appears on the Timeline, alerting them a document is available to either download the file or post a revision.

There are over 380 million people using Facebook Groups, and file sharing was among the most commonly requested feature from users, a Facebook spokesperson told Mashable.

This new offering seems to make use of the technology and assets Facebook purchased from in October 2010.


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