LinkedIn launches Windows Phone app


The newly launched LinkedIn app for Windows Phone includes features that neither iPhone nor Android users see in their apps.

The app includes two sections that don’t appear in the other two apps: jobs and companies. Users can browse relevant jobs and save them for pursuing later. The app also lets users follow news and updates from specific companies.

While this is exclusive to Windows Phone, it’s worth noting that the app doesn’t seem to incorporate the calendar function now present in the iOS apps.


The slick, consistent metro-style look and animation make for a visually appealing and easy-to-navigate app. The app incorporates updates via Twitter from LinkedIn contacts as well as an animated tile that flips between displaying a story headline and its related image, giving the app a feel of immediacy and activity.

“We’ve been working hard to make this new LinkedIn app best-in-class in the Windows Phone marketplace,” wrote Tomer Cohen, mobile product manager at LinkedIn, in a blog post. “We took advantage of the unique and beautiful Windows Phone metro style design while ensuring users would have easy and quick access to all the relevant professional information they’ve come to rely on from LinkedIn.”

One minor gripe is that replying to messages in your inbox could be easier. When you call up the message, there is no open space for you to begin writing, meaning you have to tap at the top and hit return a few times. Plus, the placement of the send button is precariously close to the space bar.

Considering LinkedIn tends to be for more professional exchanges, most of us want to try to avoid misfiring emails and looking less technologically proficient than we are. That could probably be fixed in an update.


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