As Facebook stock swings, Zuckerberg’s wealth bounces around

Mark Zuckerberg’s personal fortune bounced around the $20-billion mark all day Friday as Facebook Inc. shares slid up and down before finally settling at $38.23 at close of day.

When Facebook’s shares were priced Thursday at $38, Zuckerberg was worth a cool $19.14 billion. That number went up a couple billion when Facebook stocks finally started trading at 11:30 a.m. Eastern.

The shares began selling at $42.05, valuing Zuckerberg at about $21.18 billion. Then, for a split second, the share price shot up to $45, its high for the day, which would put Zuckerberg at $22.66 billion. It was a  paper gain of more than $3 billion, but he was unable to keep it.

From there the number fell down below $40 for a while, hitting $38 a couple of times, which again put the Facebook CEO at about $19.14 billion.


The stock climbed back up and stayed in the $41 neighborhood for a good portion of the day. It spiked up to around $41.65 a couple of times, which would value the 28-year-old at about $20.97 billion.

Then for a while the stock fell back down and hovered at the $40 mark, which would put Zuckerberg at $20.14 billion.

But toward the end of the day, Facebook’s stock began hitting the $38 IPO price once again, and it finally settled at $38.23. At that price, Zuckerberg is worth $19.25 billion.

That’s about a $110-million gain. Not bad for a day’s work, but that’s probably not the kind of gain he or other Facebook investors were hoping for.



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