Internet punishes Romney for believing in ‘Amercia’


The Internet just became Mitt Romney’s worst enemy.

The Republican presidential nominee released a new iPhone app Tuesday called “With Mitt,” which lets you take pictures with various stencil overlays promoting his presidential campaign. But it seems the Romney campaign didn’t give the app enough scrutiny before putting it out into the wilds of the Internet, because among the stencils is one that reads “A Better Amercia.”

Oh yes, that’s right: “Amercia.”

And though the app gets the word right in three of its other stencils, the Internet is not forgiving.

If you search “Amercia” on Facebook, you will find pages for “Amercian Eagle,” “Captain Amercia,” and “Amercian Idol.”


Meanwhile on Tumblr, numerous users have begun uploading pictures poking fun at the mistake, including one picture showing “Amercian Pie” and “Bank of Amercia” and another using the stencil overlay on top of a Google search for “Attention to detail.”

On top of that, a Tumblr page dedicated specifically to the stencil has already been created, titled “Amercia is with Mitt!

And on Twitter, the hashtag “WithMitt” -- which was first used by the official Romney Twitter account to announce the app -- has been hijacked to showcase pictures using the misspelled stencil and generally poke fun at the mistake.

It took the Romney campaign about 15 hours to start correcting the mistake. The app now has an update that is described by the App Store as simply “bug fixes.” I think we know what bug it’s talking about.


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