Video: iPad mini vs Nexus 7 drop test

The iPad mini is out, and not more than a handful of hours after its release, a drop test video is already up on YouTube.

Square Trade, which offers device warranties, has once again made a drop test comparison. In the latest video, Apple’s iPad mini faces off against Google’s Nexus 7. For some reason, the third-generation iPad is also included in the test.

For the latest test, Square Trade says it built a robot to make sure each test drop is the same.

The test starts with a 4-foot corner drop. The iPad mini suffers some noticeable damage on the corner it lands on, but passes the test as its screen survives intact. The Nexus 7 also performs well, but it does seem to have more damage, particularly a crack on its edge.

Next, the two tablets go through a 4-foot face-down drop. On this one, the iPad mini incurs a lot more damage. Its screen looks destroyed and the man in the video says glass is coming off. The Nexus 7 also has damage, but it’s nothing in comparison to the iPad’s.


The final test is a 10-second underwater submersion. In this test, the iPad mini survives and continues to function after being pulled out of the water, reacting to touchscreen gestures. The Nexus 7, meanwhile, shuts itself off and restarts. It’s unclear if it worked after being turned back on.

The tester concludes that the iPad mini won the test, but if it did it wasn’t by much.


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