Psy the baby whisperer? Babies love ‘Gangnam Style’ too


Is there anything Psy’s “Gangnam Style” can’t do?

The Korean pop star’s high-energy video for the song isn’t just the third-most-popular music video on YouTube and the most-liked YouTube video of all time. Apparently, it’s also a magical visual and audio elixir that can soothe a screaming baby.

If you love “Gangnam Style” and babies, then you will totally love our top three favorite baby “Gangnam Style” videos.

1. “Baby Gangnam Style Lunch”

Ten-month-old Benjamin used to scream through mealtimes until his parents discovered the hypnotic effect “Gangnam Style” had on their son. “The first time I introduced it to him at mealtime, I literally fed him in less than half the time,” Benjamin’s dad writes.


My editor and I laughed so hard at this video, we practically cried. What’s so incredible is not just that Benjamin starts to calm down as soon as the music video comes on, but also that he starts opening his mouth.

2. “Baby Loves Gangnam Style!”

Baby Ava is just 7 months old and screaming in anger -- until Mom turns on “Gangnam Style” on the computer. Then, as her mother says in the video, all is right with the world. But turn the video off, and Ava gets angry all over again.

3. “Baby Dancing to Gangnam Style”

It’s not just Britney Spears and Google CEO Eric Schmidt who have picked up Psy’s “Gangnam Style” horsey dance -- it’s babies too. YouTube user Kazumichi Inagawa uploaded this video of his 16-month-old nephew doing a very impressive rendition of the dance in a spacious playpen. Not bad for a little guy who presumably has been walking for less than a year.


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