Samsung makes creepy commercial with Overly Attached Girlfriend


Samsung wants you to love your computer again, and it’s willing to go to creepy lengths to make sure you do.

The South Korean tech giant has turned to Laina, an online celebrity famous for her character known as Overly Attached Girlfriend, to promote the SSD 840, which is a solid state drive.

Laina rose to fame after uploading a video in response to a Justin Bieber contest where she acts like a, you guessed it, overly attached girlfriend.


“If I was your girlfriend, I’d never let you leave without a small recording device taped under your sleeve,” she says in the video.

Laina’s character then became one of the most prominent memes after people started making images with her picture that included captions saying things like, “I was looking through your texts earlier. Who’s mom?”

And now Samsung has decided that Overly Attached Girlfriend is the right way to sell storage disks. The company uploaded a YouTube video appropriately titled “Overly Attached Computer” on Monday that stars Laina.

Throughout the video, Laina pretends to be your computer and makes the creepy face she’s known for. She also threatens to do things such as send dirty messages to your dad, leak your online history and unleash viruses in order to get you to buy your computer a Samsung SSD 840.

“Wanna keep me calm and stable? Perkier? More able? To make you happy in every way?” Laina says in the video, pretending to be your computer. “Then I need you to get me this today. Show me you love me again, OK?”

The video is a bit off-putting, but it’s also pretty funny. And while some people aren’t fans of the commercial, others are giving it good feedback.


“This is actually pretty funny, I can’t see any other more interesting way of trying to sell SSD disks,” one YouTube user said in response to the video. “Good job.”

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