AT&T; expands cellular FaceTime for more Apple device users

AT&T; appears to have enabled FaceTime for all iOS users on its network.
(Etienne Franchi / AFP/Getty Images)

AT&T; customers with Apple devices are reporting they are able to use FaceTime video calling with cellular connection, a feature the company had been withholding from some users.

Unlike rivals Sprint and Verizon, which allow all their iOS users to make FaceTime calls over cellular networks, AT&T; has made it available only for those customers with its Mobile Share data plans.

After consumer groups threatened to file complaints with the Federal Communications Commission, AT&T; budged somewhat by saying it would offer the feature for iPhone 5 customers with tiered data plans.


But it still excluded users with unlimited data plans and those with older versions of the Apple smartphone that are not on AT&T;’s Mobile Share plan.

Now, those users are reporting that the cellular FaceTime feature works on their devices.

If you simply turn off your iPhone or iPad (with cellular option) and turn it back on, the feature may start working. Go into your Settings app, scroll to where it says “FaceTime,” and check whether or not the “Use Cellular Data” setting has been switched on.

The Times has tested this process and it worked for us. Try it yourself, and let us know in the comments whether it works for you.

In the meantime, we have contacted AT&T; and are waiting for an official confirmation.


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