Nokia Lumia 920 smartphone sold out on Amazon, supply low at AT


The Nokia Lumia 920 is starting to make some rumbles in the smartphone market, selling out on and seeing some wait times on AT&T; for some versions.

On Amazon, the wait time for Nokia’s flagship phone is one to two weeks. It sells the black version of the Lumia 920, which launched this month. The Seattle online retailer lists the 4.5-inch screen phone as back-ordered.

The black Lumia 920 is also sold out on AT&T;'s website and is listed as completely out of stock. The yellow and cyan versions of the phone have one- to two-week wait times while white and red versions appear to still be available.


The phone is also sold out in Germany and Australia, according to the Zacks Equity Research analysis firm.

The Lumia 920 got some favorable reviews when it was first announced this year. It boasts a camera that takes good night shots and has a stabilizing feature for video recording.

Additionally, the Lumia 920 is available in a variety of colors, unlike most other smartphones.

The early results appear good for Nokia, but it’s still unclear how the Lumia 920 will fare long-term against the likes of the iPhone 5, Google’s Nexus 4 and the Samsung Galaxy S III.


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